My Next Book – Emotional, Data Driven and Political?

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Tony Boobier
by Tony Boobier

I’ve just returned from Chile in Latin America following a family visit. One of the more memorable parts of the visit was a trip to downtown Santiago, only months after the Election which heralded a new President. The decision process was typically hot-blooded, emotional and highly political.

My time away also gave me time to think about my latest book, to be printed in early 2022. A large part of last year was taken up by research and writing, and I am closer to a final draft which will be completed in the next month or so.

The topic is about the impact of data and analytics on the public sector. It’s been written against a background of data-driven decisions made during the Pandemic, and the recent suggestions that some of the data used may have even been misleading. What hope therefore for public confidence in data and analytics?

Along the way I also discovered that about 15% of the employed population overall work in the public sector, and I reflect on the impact of advanced analytics and ultimately AI on such a large employment sector. Will the introduction of advanced analytics and AI into that sector also be hot blooded, emotional and highly political? How will people react to an increasingly automated and data-driven public sector?

It’s a controversial subject and one which starts to converge issues of data and politics – not the sort of politics associated with gaining power, but rather with the governance and management of a country. Overall I’ve found this to be a hard book to research and write, but one which I think readers will find interesting.

Tony Boobier