My Book Donation to Kent Libraries

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Tony Boobier
by Tony Boobier

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to present Kent Libraries with copies of my four books, for their readership.

Kent Libraries is part of Kent County Council which services 300 towns and parishes in the SE of England. With a total population of about 1.5m, it is the largest non-metropolitan county in the UK. In addition to providing services to citizens such as book loans, e-books and music, the Library Service also provide insight and access to start-ups and growing businesses.

I was asked why I was happy to donate these books, rather than to sell them, and whether it might potentially reduce my book sales in some way. The honest answer is that my books are written to share information, and any modest revenue (and I can assure you that it is modest!) is a secondary issue. The speed of progress in analytics and AI must surely mean that any books on the topic have a ‘shelf life’.

It might even provide an opportunity to get my name in front of a wider audience and give them someone to contact should they have any questions on analytics or AI.

Perhaps many of the potential readers won’t be able to afford the cost of the book if purchased from new.  Some of the costs, which are set by the publisher without consultation with the author, might simply beyond the scope of many especially in a time of economic stress and a tightened economy. I haven’t seen any in the local Charity Shops yet!

Also, at a time when citizen services are under pressure from government cuts, any little help is useful.

Perhaps also, at some time in the future, and assuming government funding for the Library Service continues, I’m sure I’ll take some small pleasure in looking online at their register of available books and remember the fruits of my labours. Who knows?

Tony Boobier