Digital Detox and the Great Reset

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Tony Boobier
by Tony Boobier

I’m mindful that I’ve been away from the keyboard recently. Sometimes, you just need to take time off. Someone described it to me as a ‘digital detox’.

Digital detox is simply a period taken away from the keyboard. It comprises time away from digesting online information, influencing people, or promoting ideas or services. It’s also a period when you don’t feel under any pressure to be a ‘thought leader’ or to come up with a particular point of view. To be honest, I don’t usually feel under that sort of pressure but sometimes I feel that there’s a vacuum about ideas that just needs to be filled.

An interesting by-product of digital detox is that you view the digital world differently after a time away. It seems to me that the same ideas simply keep echoing around, often without originality.

Other sites simply look as if they have become advertising media. (I have to admit that I use them to promote my own books from time to time –  ‘Healer, heal thyself’, you might say – but do we really want our digital sites to be just a form of marketplace?)

Digital detox can also be a process through which it is possible to cut through the superficiality of the digital world, and to understand what really matters. By understanding what is really important, it helps us to become more efficient and effective.

We can start to have a greater understanding of which of our activities truly add value. In many cases, (perhaps most cases,) we simply don’t have metrics in place to understand what adds value or not. Often we have limited and sometimes no view of who has looked at an article or video, and even less idea about how it influenced their behaviour.

I came back from my digital detox with greater clarity about my digital activities. Clarity involved targets and the creation of actionable insight about what I was doing online. For me personally, it was time for a ‘Great Digital Re-set’.

Is it time for you to have a digital re-set?

Tony Boobier