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Tony Boobier
by Tony Boobier

This weekend the main event on TV was the Eurovision Song Contest, the trophy competed for between 37 countries. There was lots of drama on the night with the award being given to Finland. This blog isn’t about Finland or even about singing, but about Germany who sadly came last on the night. Somebody had to.

To be honest, I rather liked their offering ‘Blood and Glitter’ by a band called ‘Lord of the Lost’. In fact they have quite a following and after the event they will go on tour to support Iron Maiden. Blood and Glitter was a carefully crafted piece of work, the lead song from the band’s 11th studio album. I’m sure that a lot of work went into it, enhanced by powerful imagery and careful production.

Sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned. I’m sorry to tell you that sales for my most recent book, ‘AI and the Future of the Public Sector’ aren’t great at the moment. In other words, it’s almost the ‘Blood and Glitter’ of the book world.

I conceived the book over 3 years ago as my lockdown project, and thought about how AI will transform almost every part of public services from policing and education, to healthcare and transportation – and all the rest. It will affect all of us, both those who provide public services and those who receive them.

AI is on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the moment. The future of the public sector is not about throwing more money at it or reducing services, but doing things differently. Some might say ‘smarter’.  How can AI be used in the public sector in such a way as not to be threatening but rather enhancing?

The book is full of examples of how AI is already being used in the public sector. One reader said about the publication ‘…it’s almost as if you knew what was coming’.  I hope that those who read it will find it stimulating, insightful and perhaps even a bit provocative.

Tony Boobier