‘AI and the Future of Banking’. Book review

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Tony Boobier
by Tony Boobier

I’m pleased to provide a link to a review (on Linkedin ) of my most recent book, the review written by Paul Laughlin, who says in his review….

‘This is a well-researched book. Tony is to be commended on both the frequent examples of research & case studies cited, plus the supporting material included so you can continue your own learning. Each chapter concludes with at least a couple of pages of references. That alone would make this a useful textbook for students of Banking’

‘So, if you are a senior leader in Banking today, I recommend both reading Tony’s books and taking time to note your reflections. Once again the structure of this book supports such annotation & pauses. Each chapter has a brief introduction of what to expect and a conclusion that reflects on what to consider.’

Tony Boobier